Soles Of Fire

The weather has been crazy in Portugal, it's super warm then out of nowhere it becomes quite cold so there is nothing better then strapping a shirt around your waist and leaving home when you need to take care of errands and plus it looks great and gives an ilusion of a skirt from behind and not to forget if the weather becomes colder you always have a shirt to put on.

All Photos by Hugo Ferreira
SnapBack - Papi | Specticules - Dsquared2 | T-Shirt - Thrifted | SkinnyJeans - Zara | Shirt - Springfield | Shoes - Underground Creepers | Backpack - ASOS


It's always so much fun photographing people especially when they have an amazing style and I just had to capture Elisa Martin's (xx_crystalx) style, it's so diverse and keeps evolving with time.
You just have to love those beautiful patterned tights which go great with her gold Creepers, and not to forger her winged backpack by Lost Mannequin which is to die for.

All Photos by Me.
T-Shirt, Tights & Socks - TopShop | Shorts - Thrifted | Backpack - Lost Mannequin | Necklace - Zara | Shoes - Underground Creepers

New Purchases: Vintage MLB Jersey & Underground Creepers

Don't know if it's just me but my day always starts off so much better when the Mail Man brings me a package that I've been waiting for, it's Christmas all over again, just this time you know what you getting. 
Im a huge Underground Creeper fan and "ASOS" makes it so much easier for me to add to my collection as they always have amazing prices on discount and that's what made me get my new Burgundy Creepers which I completely fell in love with. 
To add to my new purchases I got this beautiful thrifted vintage MLB Jersey from a small vintage store in Aveiro called "Porta Verde", unfortunately I had to wait a while before buying the Jersey as for some odd reason I never had enough money to buy it, every time I stepped in to the store..